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Escape room – Question 1

The International Space Station is an orbiting laboratory, where astronauts can go and live in space to do science experiments and test equipment for other missions. It’s the largest construction ever put into space and there can be up to six people living there at a time. You can track where it is at any time with this website and if you want to see what it looks like inside then check out the app in the ‘extension activities’ below.

Find out some more information about it by doing this puzzle, and get the first code!

Did you know? In July 2018 a Russian cargo ship took under four hours to reach the ISS! In June 2020, the NASA-SpaceX astronaughts reached the International Space Station in 19 hours.

Need some help? Click these links for some hints – Hint 1 will give you an initial nudge, Hint 2 will help you a bit more, and the answer will help you even more.

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