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Students and academics

PhD Project Supervisors: We have over 100 potential principal supervisors from across the University of Leeds, University of Edinburgh, National Oceanography Centre, and British Antarctic Survey. Proposed PhD projects and supervisory teams are listed on the Projects page.

Get in touch with a supervisor in your area of interest at any of these institutions now, to discuss project ideas and to get advice on how to apply for a PhD.

Students starting in October 2020

We have 17 students starting in October 2020, who are based at University of Edinburgh, University of Leeds, BAS and NOC. All projects have a strong Earth Observation focus, and are on a range of topics.

Topics of PhD studentships starting in 2020:

Samuel Bancroft

University of Leeds

Developing a new methodology for assessing future food production based on machine learning, remote sensing and crop models

Jacob Connolly

University of Leeds

Hazard monitoring from Space: Next generation InSAR time series analysis

Benjamin Cox

University of Edinburgh

Sequential Bayesian inference for spatio-temporal probabilistic models of changes in global vegetation and ocean properties using Earth Observation data

Emily Dowd

University of Leeds

Detection and quantification of local methane sources using novel high-resolution satellite data

Sophie Durston

National Oceanography Centre

Causes and solutions for the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt

Morag Fotheringham

University of Edinburgh

Ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions in the Arctic

Bryony Freer

British Antarctic Survey

Antarctic Grounding Line Migration from ICESat-2 Altimetry

Calum Hoad

University of Edinburgh

Arctic Greening Across Scales

Nick Homer

University of Edinburgh

Image processing and machine learning applied to Earth Observation of the cryosphere

Phoebe Hudson

National Oceanography Centre

Changing Arctic: Estimation of freshwater changes over the full Arctic basin including land and ocean from satellite observations

Rebecca Kelly

University of Leeds

Improved understanding of Arctic atmospheric composition and climate through exploitation of satellite observations

Eszter Kovacs

University of Leeds

Using satellite data to understand the influence of marine biogenic activity on high latitude clouds and climate

Maximillian Lowe

British Antarctic Survey

Unveiling the 4D variability in the lithospheric cradle of the Antarctic ice sheet

Amber Turton

University of Edinburgh

Using satellite data to improve mapping of stem density and forest carbon for sustainable forest management

Megan Udy

University of Leeds

Satellite detection of volcanic eruption impacts on forests

Lucy Wells

University of Edinburgh

The response of savannas and dry forests to global change: disentangling the effects of climate change, land use and changing CO2 using radar remote sensing and fieldwork

Solomon White

University of Edinburgh

High-resolution multispectral estimation of sea surface salinity and temperature in coastal areas