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Co-Directors: Prof Dr Anna E. Hogg (Leeds), Prof Kathy Whaler (Edinburgh)

Deputy Directors: Dr Gary Watmough (Edinburgh, Industry), Dr Encarni Medina-Lopez (Edinburgh, Training)

National Oceanography Centre and British Antarctic Survey: Prof Christine Gomenginger (NOC), Dr Andrew Fleming (BAS)

University of Edinburgh and Univeristy of Leeds: Dr Encarni Medina-Lopez (Edinburgh), Dr Gary Watmough (Edinburgh), Prof Joseph Holden (Leeds)

Centre Managers: Dr Ruth Amey (, Eleanor Graham (, Heather Selley – EDI Champion (, Ashar Aslam – EDI Champion (

Steering Committee: we have a diverse steering committee including representatives from our partners and independent scientists from the European Space Agency and the University of Maryland.

SENSE Steering Committee:

Julia Chatterton (Research and development, Unilever)

Dr Ralph Cordey (Earth Observation Business Development Manager, Airbus)

Tom Doyle (Senior Programme Manager – Digital Environment, NERC)

Prof Ralph Dubayah (Principal Investigator for the GEDI mission, University of Maryland)

Beth Greenaway (Earth Observation Policy Lead, UKSA)

Teresa Ironside (Director of Education, Bayes Centre)

Prof Simon Kelley (Head of School, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds)

Sam Lavender (Managing Director, Pixalytics)

Dr Susanne Mecklenburg (Head of Climate Office, ESA)

Dr Fiona O’Connor (Research Fellow Met Office)

Roger Saunders (MetOffice Research Fellow, Met Office)

Professor Bryne Ngwenya (Head of School for Geosciences, University of Edinburgh)

Prof Niamh Shortt (Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, University of Edinburgh)

Carol Gourlay (Head of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh)

Dr Richard Tipper (Executive Chairman, Ecometrica)

SENSE students Representatives:

Emily Dowd (University of Leeds)

Ashar Aslam (University of Leeds)

Past SENSE Directors:

Prof Ed Mitchard (SENSE co-director, University of Edinburgh)