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Student Publications

AuthorsTitleYearSource TitleDOI
Ing, R. N., Nienow, P.W. Sole, A.J., Tedstone, A.J. ,Mankoff, K.J.Minimal Impact of Late-Season Melt Events on Greenland Ice Sheet Annual Motion2024AGU Geophysical Research Letters10.1029/2023GL106520
Hudson, P. A., Martin, A. C. H., Josey, S. A., Marzocchi, A., and Angeloudis, ADrivers of Laptev Sea interannual variability in salinity and temperature2024EGU Ocean Science10.5194/os-20-341-2024

Dowd, E., Manning, A. J., Orth-Lashley, B., Girard, M., France, J., Fisher, R. E., Lowry, D., Lanoisellé, M., Pitt, J. R., Stanley, K. M., O’Doherty, S., Young, D., Thistlethwaite, G., Chipperfield, M. P., Gloor, E., and Wilson, C.
First validation of high-resolution satellite-derived methane emissions from an active gas leak in the UK2024EGU Atmospheric Measurement10.5194/amt-17-1599-2024, 2024
Smith, J., Birch, C., Marsham, J., Peatman, S., Bollasina, M., and Pankiewicz, G.Evaluating pySTEPS optical flow algorithms for convection nowcasting over the Maritime Continent using satellite data2024EGU Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences10.5194/nhess-24-567-2024, 2024
Dowd, E., Wilson, C., Chipperfield, M. P., Gloor, E., Manning, A., and Doherty, R.Decreasing seasonal cycle amplitude of methane in the northern high latitudes being driven by lower-latitude changes in emissions and transport2023Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics10.5194/acp.23.7363.2023
Colesie, C., Walshaw, C., Garcia Sancho, L., Davey, M., Gray, A. Antarctica’s vegetation in a changing climate2022WIRES Climate Change
Braakmann-Folgmann A., Shepherd A., Gerrish L., Izzard J., Ridout A. Observing the disintegration of the A68A iceberg from space2022Remote Sensing of Environment10.1016/j.rse.2021.112855
Mehdizadeh S., Maghsoudi Y., Salehi M., Bordbari R.Exploitation of sub-look analysis and polarimetric signatures for ship detection in PolSAR data2022International Journal of Remote Sensing10.1080/01431161.2022.2027545
Lowe M., Mather B., Green C., Jordan T., Ebbing J., Larter R.Anomalously High Heat Flow Regions Beneath the Transantarctic Mountains and Wilkes Subglacial Basin in East Antarctica Inferred From Curie Depth2022AGU Solid Earth10.1029/2022JB025423
Lowe M., Ebbing J., El-Sharkawy, A., Meier T.Gravity effect of Alpine slab segments based on geophysical and petrological modelling2021EGU Solid Earth10.5194/se-12-691-2021
Clarke P.J., Cubaynes H.C., Stockin K.A., Olavarría C., de Vos A., Fretwell P.T., Jackson J.A.Cetacean Strandings From Space: Challenges and Opportunities of Very High Resolution Satellites for the Remote Monitoring of Cetacean Mass Strandings2021International Journal of Remote Sensing10.3389/fmars.2021.650735
Slater R., Freychet N., Hegerl G.Substantial changes in the probability of future annual temperature extremes2021Atmospheric Science Letters10.1002/asl.1061
Höschle C., Cubaynes H.C., Clarke P.J., Humphries G., Borowicz A.The potential of satellite imagery for surveying whales2021Sensors (Switzerland)10.3390/s21030963
Lombardini F., Bordbari R.Vertical analysis of windblown forest short-term decorrelation for SAR tomography: New results of the PiSASCAT experiment2021Proceedings of the European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, EUSAR
Lombardini F., Bordbari R.Gen-Capon and Gen-Music Diff-Tomo for Non-Stationary Distributed Media: Exploration of Potential for Subcanopy Subsidence Monitoring2020International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS)10.1109/IGARSS39084.2020.9323675