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Escape room – Question 8

This question needs a prop – adults check hint 1 to find out what you’ll need.

Need some help? Hint 1 will help you read the text, answer will help you get the answer.

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Extension 1

Can you write in mirror writing? It’s hard! Try and write some secret messages in mirror writing. Then use a mirror to check if you have the letters the right way round!

Extension 2

On the right is an image from BBC bitesize showing the two different orbits. The satellite that is further away from the Earth moves at a slower speed – this is due to a smaller gravitational attraction.

The planets in our solar system orbit the Sun (do you know their names? Do you know the order of them?). They are natural satellites, like we saw in Question 3. Which of the planets do you think orbits the slowest? We learnt here that satellites further away from the object they’re orbitting move slower. Use the graph on this page to check if you were correct!

Can you draw a picture of the planets orbitting the Sun? You could draw different sized arrows showing how fast they travel, compared to each other.