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Co-Directors: Prof Edward Mitchard (Edinburgh), Dr Anna E. Hogg (Leeds)

NOC and BAS directors: Christine Gommenginger (NOC), Andrew Fleming (BAS)

Centre Managers: Eleanor Graham (, Dr Ruth Amey (

PhD Project Supervisors: We have over 100 potential principal supervisors from across the University of Leeds, University of Edinburgh, National Oceanography Centre, and British Antarctic Survey. Proposed PhD projects and supervisory teams are listed on the Projects page.

Get in touch with a supervisor in your area of interest at any of these institutions now, to discuss project ideas and to get advice on how to apply for a PhD.

Steering Committee: we have a diverse steering committee including representatives from our partners and independent scientists from the European Space Agency and the University of Maryland.


We have engaged industry from the start in our Earth Observation CDT, and as a result 18 companies have agreed to provide CASE funding, for up to 42 of our PhD studentships. Our partner companies are involved in the topic selection process from the beginning, submitting ideas and being matched to academic institutions and supervisors during iterative co-development, to ensure this cutting-edge science will result in a successful PhD. Our annual Industry Symposium is a 2-day event attended by students and industry that celebrates research highlights from our students, and looks forward to developing new ideas and satellite data products. We welcome enquiries from companies not already affiliated with this Earth Observation CDT as we are always open to fostering new collaborations and partnerships.

We also partner with many other research organisations, who provide co-supervisors, insights and training.