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Research Experience Placements: Gillian Cheong

Gillian worked with our SENSE co-director Dr Anna Hogg and her team on a project investigating ice speed change in the Antarctic

What are you studying?

I am currently entering my final year doing my MSci Environmental Geoscience at UCL.

Tell us a bit about the project you have been working on this summer?

My project focuses on investigating short-term variability of ice velocity measurements in the Antarctic Peninsula. I spent most of my time identifying the seasonal and tidal signals at specific glaciers and ice sheets on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Regional map of research sites in Antarctic Peninsula

What new skills have you learned while doing this internship?

I developed my MATLAB skills by writing my own code to produce timeseries plots, as well as 2D and 3D tide correction plots. I also became familiar with QGIS mapping.

Timeseries plot of tide-corrected ice velocity (in red) and uncorrected ice velocity (in black) measurements at Hektoria glacier

How have you found working with your research team?

My research team, led by Assoc. Prof Anna Hogg, was extremely welcoming and supportive. The team has a strong spirit of collaboration and leadership, that persists even through virtual Zoom meetings. Being a part of such a motivated and encouraging group, I felt inspired and thoroughly enjoyed my internship.

What has been the highlight of the internship for you?

The best highlight was paying a visit to University of Leeds to meet the research team!

How has doing this internship changed your plans or thoughts about your future career?

Since starting my degree, I always had a penchant for climate science but was unsure of which direction to go into. This internship has made me realise that I really enjoy polar research and would like to do a PhD in this field.